Fragile Goods Delivery in Horsham

When it comes to our fragile goods delivery in Horsham we work with a variety of customers and have delivered small delicate packages and large fragile items, so you can be sure your item will get there in one piece and within the timescale that you request.

There are steps that you can take to ensure the safety of your item, especially if it is highly valuable and delicate. Here are some suggestions we can offer to make sure your parcel is packed as well as it can be for transportation:

  • Choose a rigid box that is strong and a snug fit for the item
  • Ensure you use padding to fill any gaps around the item
  • If there are any smaller components to the item being posted, it is advisable to wrap the individual pieces
  • Make sure any joins on the boxes are securely wrapped with tape

Obviously with our fragile goods delivery in Horsham we take the greatest care when dealing with your items, and all parcels are insured from the point of collection till they reach their destination. Our team are highly trained and have been providing a top quality service for many years, this is how we have been able to build up the great reputation that we have with our existing customers. With no conveyor belt loading systems you can be sure your item will not be bounced around on its way to the back of our vehicles.

When using our fragile goods delivery in Horsham our customers know that we will ensure the well being of their packages no matter if it's glass, ceramic, liquids or food stuffs. If you would like more information on the services we offer get in touch today on 01903 884 664 and we will gladly discuss your needs and offer advice if needed.